Miami Crypto Experience V2

Miami Crypto Experience V2

Miami Crypto Experience Version 2 is a fully immersive and interactive cryptocurrency event. This is not like a normal conference. We will have a few keynote speakers, and 30+ breakout workshops for people of all knowledge levels including workshops on trading, mining, beginner basics(English and Spanish), DeFi, NFTs, business solutions, and more to be announced soon.

Next Top Blockchain Startup

Next Top Blockchain Startup

What is Next Top Blockchain Startup?

The Next Top Blockchain Startup is a tech-focused competition and community initiative focused on helping spotlight young entrepreneurs with a business idea in blockchain.


Event webiste:

Register a project:


Is it free?

All aspects of the Next Top Blockchain Startup, including the conference, are free.


Are there prizes?

Yes! At the end of the summer, the top 3 teams will be giving grants of $25,000, $10,000 and $5,000 respectively.


Who can participate? How many are in a team?

Teams of 2-8 with at least one member who is currently enrolled at a University or has just graduated.


Do I need a background in blockchain, finance, design or coding?

No. The Next Top Blockchain Startup welcomes individuals from all fields, backgrounds and regions. No prior knowledge of coding, programming or product design is needed.


Is it a hackathon?

No. Unlike many hackathons, the competition doesn’t require you to program or develop a working product. Neither does it limit you to solving specific solutions.


Can I do this after a hackathon?

Yes! If you have recently finished a hackathon and have an idea for a business but don’t know where to start, this is a great opportunity to create it.


What to expect? How do we support you?

Throughout the summer, our team will work hard to provide you with the resources and connections needed to build your business idea. This means; weekly seminars, mentoring sessions with blockchain companies and investors, workshops, and networking events.


What is required at each stage of the competition?

The stages we have outlined should be used as a template. At each stage, we ask that you post your progress to the project’s Medium account, hence build in public. If this is a concern, please reach out to

At the end of the competition you will submit deliverables, such as a lightpaper and roadmap, for our panel of judges to review. A specific stage related requirement and outline structure will be sent once registered.


Why build in public?

By building in public, you can give your audience a preview of what’s to come and start to grow a community of supporters. After the competition, you can revise and remove what is unnecessary in addition to already having built a foundation for future growth.


Can I complete stages before the deadline?

Yes! If you have already started working on the action items prior to the competition start date or stage deadlines, or if you want to move ahead, that is fine. Our stages should be treated as opportunities to use the resources provided and keep on track throughout the summer.


What counts as an idea?

Anything that addresses an aspect of blockchain technology and/or adoption. The goal here is to think outside of the box; what industry do you want to disrupt or transform? Is there a problem that can be solved with blockchain? Or is there an overall better way of applying the protocols of today to increase blockchain adoption around the world?

For example, it can be a smart-contract protocol, digital currency, decentralized application, mobile or web app, user interface, DeFi platform, NFT marketplace and so much more. We encourage diversity in both the industry the project aims to disrupt and how it is applied. Please refer to the site below for some inspiration.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact



Blockchainsation is the biggest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency related event in the region. It is 3 days of fun, blockchain and crypto experts, networking, useful knowledge, relaxation and much more in the heart of Slovenia. It will take place from 14th – 16th of May 2021 in a beautiful city of Laško in Slovenia.

Blockchainsation slogan is: “…more than a conference”, and by the words of Roman Berginc, CEO of All About Crypto who is main organizer of the event, it will be more than a conference.

“On every conference I expect: useful knowledge, new connections, lots of fun and good food. Think about how many conferences did you attend lately that gave you all of that? Well whole event preparation is focused in providing you at least those few. But I’m pretty sure you will get much more.”

In this 3 day event attendees will have a chance to get a detailed view on what exactly is happening in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world lately.

– What is the status of various ICO projects?

– Which are the working solutions that came out and people can utilize already?

– How the industry has evolved?

– Where are we going / what’s next?

– Where are we already using blockchain and why?

– Is there a use case of implementing blockchain solution in my industry?

– …and much, much more.

Event will be happening on multiple stages, so it will be easy to select a theme that is of attendee’s best interest.

Large role in event dynamics will be provided by event partners and exhibitors who will showcase their products and solutions and provide detailed information about it, so everyone will have a chance to get their questions answered directly from the experts.

Blockchainsation will provide plenty of time also to connect with other people and have a chat at our social event or schedule a meeting using match-making tool, which does not only provide information about the person, but also helps you in checking how good your potential cooperation could be using specialized system for performing these checks. Details about it will be explained in one of upcoming interviews.

Besides all that, as stated already on the start, the goal is, that after event, every –ones words will be “Well, this was really more than a conference”.

For further info and registration check links below:

For 20% discount use this code: WBBL9J







CryptoVegas Conference

CryptoVegas Conference

CryptoVegas is a one day event bringing some of the greatest minds and innovators in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology together in one place!

As we leave the bear market, so many have been hard at work building the next great marvels in the crypto space. If you’re a beginner in this space, this event will help you ease into the market. If you’re a trader, this event will be insightful and valuable. If you’re a veteran of this space, you’ll learn about the latest innovations and what to get excited about next.

The crypto market is moving incredibly fast and the world is slowly but surely taking notice. This is why it’s important for us to all put our heads together and free our money! This is a monetary evolution, not a revolution. We are currently witnessing the greatest reset in history. Let’s not miss the boat!

World Digital Economic Expo 2020

La Malta A.I. y Blockchain Summit ha asegurado su lugar en el calendario tecnológico mundial como la principal plataforma para que las empresas exhiban, establezcan contactos y participen en debates. Más de 14,000 expositores, inversores, proveedores y líderes de opinión se han unido, forjaron nuevas alianzas y cerraron negocios lucrativos.

La Cumbre AIBC ofrece oportunidades adicionales a través de una serie de eventos satelitales globales y cenas de redes, así como también produce una publicación bianual y un sitio de noticias repleto de entrevistas y artículos en profundidad, brindando exposición de marca y visibilidad a las empresas que buscan un lugar. para mostrarle al mundo lo que hacen mejor. La variedad de ofertas de contenido también proporciona una plataforma de lanzamiento para los líderes de opinión interesados ​​en ser parte de la conversación en esta industria acelerada.

junto con la conferencia La primera EXPO inspirada en Blockchain tendrá lugar World Digital Economic EXPO 2020 proporciona una visión del futuro digital con un impacto disruptivo en las áreas de blockchain, comercio electrónico, tecnología financiera, inteligencia artificial, Internet de las cosas y mucho más. Conferencia experiencial e imperdible donde el pago digital es nuestro enfoque. Los comerciantes y las nuevas empresas pueden presentar una demostración en vivo de sus productos aprovechando la oportunidad de generar acuerdos que impulsen el progreso hacia una economía digital sin interrupciones.

Guarde las fechas del 08 al 09 de junio de 2020. Todos los ojos están puestos en Manila.

póngase en contacto con el organizador o regístrese hoy.

correo electrónico:

facebook: @blockmanila

Global SOS Hackathon

Global SOS Hackathon

Global SOS (Share our Strength) Hackathon is your opportunity to test ideas and develop solutions to heal our world in crisis. Showcase your project in front of the global audience and have your ideas evaluated by the world leaders.

We are calling all thinkers, developers, technologists, scientists and entrepreneurs to join the Global SOS Hackathon!

This online event is open to all countries, all genders, all technologies and philosophies. The prize fund of $100,000 is being raised and governed by the community via DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on the blockchain. Each contributor gets a voting power to select the winning ideas and solutions.

Your solution matters – registering now at!




The virtual economy refers to the use of digital information and knowledge as key factors of production. The current traditional economy already transitioned to the internet, cloud computing, big data, fintech, and other emerging digital technologies which are used to monitor the information and transform social interactions. It creates benefits and efficiencies as next emerging technologies drive innovation and it increases the job opportunities and accessibility of manual processes.

As the Philippines now enters its third month of lockdown, local businesses and industries are now looking into a viable solution for their businesses and Asia’s digital transformation is now one of the latest topics that creates a massive impact on the current economy.

Financial institutions have also given rise to new ways of delivering services, particularly in facilitating payment such as Mobile Banking and Door to Door or Bank on Wheels where banks now can be accessible in some areas through their roaming caravan .

There are multiple benefits from this digital transformation, understanding the digital economy remains a challenge. Many times, people in developing Asian countries do not have access to a basic online account, be it due to lack of digital devices, poor internet connectivity and lack of proper awareness on how it can help their normal processes. Another factor to consider are nationally accepted forms of identifications, or socioeconomic barriers. To create more inclusion in the digital economy, there needs to be a deep understanding of the differences in access and adoption within the populations of different countries. New issues related to trust, privacy, and transparency also need to be addressed. Digital transformation is about not only payments and digital platforms but also how those advanced technologies can be utilized to maximize opportunities for innovation, new business models and processes, and smart products and services.

The Virtual economy has the potential to transform the social environment and economic activities especially in the Philippines. However, despite the vast opportunities presented by the digital economy, Asia has not yet fully realized the potential of harnessing digital technology for sustainable development, due to (among others) poor ICT infrastructure, few Educational materials that is necessary for development, and lack of proper awareness that prevent much of Asia’s population from engaging in the transformation.


To Promote an awareness on the role of the digital economy in Asia, particularly how digital technologies impact economies and transform both business practices and societies.

To examine how institutions, policies and regulations, and human skills can be transformed to keep up with the quickening pace of digital transformation in Asia.

To exchange views on the current state of the country during the COVID-19 pandemic and a discussion that includes the process of the related to digital flows; e-commerce; financial technology.

To determine and discuss the role of Digital transformation when it comes to the education, skills, and innovation and implications of digital transformation on Asia’s economic landscape.

To help Startups to learn the processes of the Digital Transformation and how will it benefit their business model based on the experience of the successful founders and companies


35 Speakers from successful industries and CEO/Founders/Co-Founders of well established companies in Fintech, Blockchain. Retail, E-Commerce will share their experience on a Live Discussion that will be published on the Facebook pages of the St. Louis University, Conres TBI, and Tech incubator hubs supported by the Department of Science and Technology.

Participant responsibilities

Participants can freely and Actively join discussions and share views and experiences through live chat.


Better knowledge and enhanced capacity of developing countries in understanding the digital economy and its increasing impact in Asia.

Enhanced dialogue among founders , Stakeholders and experts on key issues related to the digital economy.

RSVP for Free Session and Get Exciting rewards from our Speakers.

The Entrepreneurship Society Raising Capital Event [Invite Only] Chicago

The Entrepreneurship Society Raising Capital Event [Invite Only] Chicago

The Entrepreneurship Society is hosting an invite only Raising Capital Conference (for Emerging Tech Founders, Investors and Venture Debt Funds)

(If you’re a founder, lender or investor and looking for an invite or chance to speak,

please reach out to

What is the The Entrepreneurship Society?

The Tech Society facilitates transactions among emerging technology Founders/C-Suite, investors and service providers. The Tech Society owns The Entrepreneurship Society, The Cannabis Society, The Blockchain Society, The PropTech Society and The E-Gaming Society. The Tech Society creates, markets and executes 120+ emerging technology conferences and hackathons annually in the USA, Canada, and Europe with expansion planned for Asia in 2020.

The Conference will include speaker presentations, panels, and a roundtable discussion designed to connect you to investment opportunities / sources of capital while learning from business experts and thought leaders.

Raising Capital Conference

  • 1:30 – 6:30 PM
  • 75+ high growth founders (post seed / series A stage) + CFO’s who are Raising Capital
  • 30+ Sources of Capital
  • 6 panels: Accelerator & Incubator, Going Public, Family Office, Debt Panel, Founder, VC Panel

*Tentative (Evolving) Schedule*

1:30-2:00 PM: Registration

2:00-2:10 PM: Opening remarks by TES

2:15-2:35 PM: Accelerator and Angel Panel

2:40-3:00 PM: Founder Panel

3:05-3:20 PM: Founder Pitch #1

3:25-3:55 PM: VC Panel

4:00-4:20 PM: Family Office Panel

4:25-4:40 PM: Founder Pitch #2

4:45-5:05 PM: Going Public Panel

5:10-5:30 PM: Venture Debt Panel

5:40 PM: 1×1 Meetings and Networking

6:30 PM: Deal Making & Conference Conclusion

*Schedule subject to change